1950s Side Table – George

After reading another blogger, who names her furniture pieces, I decided that this was a bit of fun and adds some personality and individuality to the items. So, rather than just calling it ‘a side table’, this little 1950s piece has been named ‘George’.

Anyhow, George was in a bit of a state and needed something doing to it but I just could not work out what. I stared at it every night, wondering what to do. Now, George could have been painted any colour and would have looked fantastic but he lives in my lounge, which is rustic with brown leather sofas, cream and burgundy walls. So, I was restricted as to what colours to use. Antique Cream would not have looked right nor would Grey. Burgundy would have been overkill with the walls. I did decide however, that whatever the colour, the top needed to stay natural wood, as it matched the colours in the room perfectly.

So, George finally went from the lounge to my workshop and there he sat for a few more days. I then stripped the thick varnish from the top with Autentico Bio Strip.

1950s Upcycled Side Table - Autentico Bio-Stip

Starting to apply first coat of Autentico Bio-Strip

I had seen Bio-Strip demonstrated at my Autentico Stockist day and knew it worked well on chalk paint. But I was pleasantly surprised at what an easy job it made of removing the very thick coat of varnish.

1950s Upcycled Side Table - Autentico Bio-Strip

Varnish coming away after first coat – Autentico Bio-Strip

I applied two coats of Bio Strip and, voila, all the varnish was gone. What is even more impressive is that this product is water-based and free of solvents.

1950s Upcycled Side Table - Autentico Bio-Stip

Applying first coat of Dark Wax to natural wood

Once the top was dry and cleaned, I applied two coats of dark brown wax and now I absolutely love the finish. I always try and keep a balance of natural and painted wood, so I was really pleased that this worked so well.

1950s Upcycled Side Table - Autentico Bio-Stip

Top of table with two coats of Dark Wax

I finally chose a colour and applied one coat of Annie Sloan Coco to the base. I bought this pot when she first launched her range of chalk paint and thought the colour worked really well, in contrast to the natural dark wood top. I sanded down the edges and corners for a slightly distressed look and applied dark brown wax to highlight the grain of the wood.  To finish and seal, I applied Autentico Clear Wax, which added more depth to the finish.

1950s Upcycled Side Table - Autentico Bio-Strip

Side view

1950s Upcycled Side Table - Autentico Bio-Strip

Side View

1950s Upcycled Side Table - Autentico Bio-StripI also used the Bio Strip inside the drawer, as there were various old sweets stuck and dried on it. Again, I left the product on for a few minutes and it scraped off easily. I then lined the drawer with a napkin that had lots of brown tones.

1950s Upcycled Side Table - Autentico Bio-Strip

Drawer lined with a flower napkin

I dressed George with one of my upcycled jars, decorated with a French Café and Legumes typography transfer and added a little bouquet for good measure.

1950s Upcycled Side Table - Autentico Bio-Strip - Upcycled jar decorated - French café and legumes typography transfer

Upcycled jar decorated with French ‘Café and Legumes’ typography transfer

George is now ‘part of the furniture’, as they say, and just perfect for my cuppa in my lounge 🙂